Provost’s Micro-Grant Award Winners – Fall 2014

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Fall 2014 award recipients of the Provost’s Micro-Grant Program for Student Success. We received 23 proposals submitted from various academic departments and administrative offices.  Upon review of all proposals, our grant selection committee has selected six proposals that best embrace the spirit of TTU’s student success efforts. I wish to commend all of our colleagues who submitted proposals. Their participation highlights the importance that Tennessee Tech has placed on creating an institutional culture that values student achievement, innovation, and continuous improvement.  Also, many thanks to our selection committee members who devoted a significant amount of time to thoroughly review and discuss each proposal. They are: Dr. Melissa Irvin, Dr. Robert Hodum, Dr. Sharon Huo, Dr. Scott Northrup, Dr. Sandra Smith, and Ms. Edith Duvier.

 The award recipients and the project titles are as follows:

  • Supplemental Instruction for Introductory CHEM Courses Janet Coonce

Pilot Supplemental Instruction program (peer-led tutoring & academic support directly linked to course sections) for CHEM 1110, CHEM 3010 and CHEM 1210 

  • Explore, Experience, Excel – Increase First-Year Student Engagement & Enhance the Career Planning Process through Targeting, Marketing & Technology Upgrade M. Lynn Haley

Career Services marketing program, using technology targeted directly to first-year students to increase the use of career development & planning resources by this population 

  • Improving Students’ Attendance & Retention in Emporium MATH 1000 Debra Bryant

Peer tutoring & mentoring within MATH 1000 sections to address poor attendance and lab usage to address high DFW rates & poor study/time management skills

  • Peer-Led Team Research Applied to Information Literacy Zachary Wilcox

Small group experience in information literacy & research skills to increase interest and preparedness of lower division students in research requirement of PSY major

  • Project Inspire Demetria Mells

Increase professional development and research within College of Education undergrads and address issues with passing competency exams (Praxis I & II exams) 

  • Soaring Eagles Peer Educator Program Christina Mick

Peer educator program targeted towards after hours & commuter students to address at-risk behaviors (i.e. depression, substance abuse, violence, etc)


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