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A historic moment: board appointees announced

Earlier today, Governor Bill Haslam announced his appointments to the inaugural Tennessee Tech University Board of Trustees. We are all indebted to Governor Haslam for his leadership and personal investment of time to seat such an impressive group of outstanding

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Trust the process

It’s been a good week at Tennessee Tech by the numbers. Our first national rankings in U.S. News & World Report came, followed closely by news of a significant jump in our freshman retention rate. As exciting as it is

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FOCUS Act will improve Tennessee’s universities

I wanted to share this opinion piece that I wrote about the FOCUS Act. It ran in today’s edition of the Tennessean. —— FOCUS Act will improve Tennessee’s universities The FOCUS Act, a bill currently not familiar to most Tennesseans,

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Memphis to Mountain City

Have you ever really looked at the official University seal for Tennessee Tech? Chances are, if you are like most of us, you have glanced at it on occasion but never really considered the relevance of its symbolism. One of

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Anatomy of Great Minds

We just celebrated the day set aside in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. So, how does one become a Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Rachel Carson, Leonard Bernstein, Orville Wright, John Steinbeck,

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Another Great Start

“Begin with the end in mind.” Stephen Covey The first couple of weeks of this 2014-15 academic year indicate an exciting and productive year ahead. The energy level on campus is contagious with student activities in every corner, at all

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Reflections on the End of Another Year

On Saturday, I’m pleased that Gov. Bill Haslam and State Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman will honor and encourage our more than 1,200 graduates. But the day really is about the personal journeys of each individual who walks across the

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Avoid looking for a job. Create one.

Some TTU graduates in the near future won’t have to spend as much time polishing their resumes; they’ll be busy creating the jobs that inspire them. The Volpe Library third floor is on the verge of becoming home to an

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Not So Fast!

In case you have not heard the news, the proud 63-year-tradition of ROTC at Tennessee Tech continues! Thanks to tremendous support from Senators Alexander and Corker, Congressman Black, Governor Haslam and countless alumni and friends, the Army has reconsidered its

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Form Follows Function

Every so often many of us get the urge to rearrange the furniture in our homes. Sometimes we need to accommodate a new situation; sometimes it is just for change itself. I have observed that universities have similar tendencies. While

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