Welcome Dr. Mustafa Rajabali

Dr. Mustafa Rajabali just joined the TTU Physics Department as a new tenure-track faculty member.  I asked him to introduce himself below.  Welcome Dr. Rajabali to our university!

Welcome Dr. Rajabali!
Welcome Dr. Rajabali!

I am originally from Kenya (east coast of Africa). I have a wonderful wife who is from Germany and a young child who was born in Canada but has citizenship in three countries. I studied in the US where I got my BA in physics, math and chemistry (MN), MS – solid state physics (ND,IL) and PhD – nuclear physics (TN). I have since lived in Belgium and Canada where I did did my post-doctoral research projects.

My research is focused on nuclear structure physics and interdisciplinary science with the application of radiation detection methods in geology and environmental sciences. For Nuclear structure, I study the nuclei at the extremes of the nuclear chart to try to understand the evolution of the nuclear shell structure. I also develop new detector systems to measure properties of these very exotic nuclei. The laboratories where I conduct my research are located in various places around the world. However, my current projects are focused at TRIUMF laboratory (Vancouver, Canada), ISOLDE-CERN (Geneva, Switzerland), NSCL (East Lansing, MI) and ORNL (Oak Ridge, TN). My door is always open to anyone who wants to go for a good hike, students who want to do research projects with me and to collaborators who are interested in the research that I conduct or who think I would be interested in their work.

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