Death at Dawn

It’s exactly the title.

No exaggeration.

We wake up at dawn and experience almost death.




1. The time each morning at which daylight first begins.

… this actually needs some revision, because there is no daylight when we first start running at 5:30 a.m.

This event is hosted twice a year in Cookeville, by the local high-school’s soccer team. But it is now on it’s eleventh year, and has expanded its participants to Tech students, local residents, and anyone wanting to get into shape.

It is basically a boot camp that runs a course of ten days. If you attend at least nine out of the ten, you get a DAD t-shirt. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. You have to intentionally want that shirt to get it. It is not easy.

Today marks day three for me, and I was actually bumped up a level. So I guess I’m improving? Any who, I think this event is a must for any one wanting a little exercise pick-me-up. Also, you can come see me wobbling around the place, as I try to look super cool running. (WARNING: I actually do not look super cool running).

Below are some screenshots of the weather this morning as I headed out, also make sure to check out that the sun in fact rose fourteen minutes after the session was over.

I can only say three words.

Back to bed!

(sorry if the top of the photos look janky, I had to blur out my address)

 unnamed-1 unnamed

College Crash

College crash.

That’s what I did today.

If you’ve been in college, or are in it now, you know what I mean.

Food. Netlfix. Blankets. Brain dead.

Sometimes that’s just the only result of constant homework, work, and studying.

Today was a bit rainy too, so that may have increased the factors of this sudden onset of CC.

Even though I have hills mountains of homework and a to-do list over my head, I am breathing easy because it is FRIDAY.

Sure, chances of me crashing again any time soon is likely, but it’s what makes me a student.

We work HARD. We don’t just skim by, or ride easy, we work for it. We work for our grades, our hours, our tests, and our social life.


Sometimes, you find yourself under an electric blanket, eating oatmeal and watching Shark Tank. It just happens.

I’m curious, what do you do when you “college crash”?

(P.s. shoutout to my tour groups this morning at Tech, I promised I would mention y’all :))


Below are pictures of my rainy walk home:

unnamed unnamed-1


If you’re wondering if I accidentally put my title in all caps, don’t worry – it was my full intention.

I can’t help but leap for joy at the thought of becoming a TTU graduate.

Maybe backflip? I am more excited than a leap.

Yesterday was my first day back this semester, and after three classes I am waist deep in homework, and avoiding drowning at this point. No one said a college degree was easy – but I know five months from now it will be worth it.

Even though I am debbie-downing this article a bit, part of me is aching over the family I’ve built here.

Part of me never wants to leave.

So as far as this semester goes, I am going to stay above water when it comes to homework, and really embrace whatever else I find myself doing here, because I’ve got 108 days left.

(and for those of you who watch LOST, the fact that it is 108 days is kind of freaking me out!)

Oh and on top of other big changes in my life – I just got married a little over a month ago 🙂

Cheers to my last semester!



That crazy girl

…was me.

Oh boy, how I wish I could’ve seen the sight of me running home.

Let me start from the beginning:

My friend, Elissa, and I have to work on an environmental science project together that requires a 2-liter and some matches, but the problem was that neither of us drink soda.

Because we have good friends, our friend Dave left an empty one on my desk so we could get to business.

First things first though, I had to clock in for my internship.

As I carried this empty 2-liter to my desk as several people poked fun as to why I was carrying it, but little did they know I was about to look sillier.

As I got off work I started to walk home and I passed by Elissa who was headed to her car to go to my apartment for the project. Naturally, we started walking together.

My goodness it was freezing and the sun was near completely setting. As we reached the fork in our walk, she dashed towards her car, and I started to book it home. I ran across the street and began sprinting down my road with no street lights (safety hazard?). The best part though was that I was huffing, running, carrying 20 lbs of books, and an empty two liter in my hand as I sprinted in the dark towards my house.

I HAD to beat her.

As I struggled inside the door I did a little victory dance and turned on the kettle so her and I could share some hot chocolate on this chilly, winter night.

We had a lot of fun dancing around to music, doing our project and sipping our mugs clean!

I tried to get some pictures, but my cat photobombed them a bit 😉

As you can tell… one of us was one Facebook while the other was working. Whoops!


IMG_0469 IMG_0468

In it to end it

Human trafficking.

That word may seem distant or like a third world issue, but it’s here. It’s in the U.S., it is in Tennessee, and it is here in Putnam County. Read more to find out how we can end it. People do not have price tags.


For more information, check out these AWESOME organizations that are in it to end it:




The 1st Annual Community Day

This past weekend we celebrated the first ever Community Day, and it was a S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Throughout the day, we had a majors fair, welcome sessions, the homecoming parade, tours, and a lot of food 🙂 To say that this was a hit would be an understatement. Here is a little collection that’ll show what we were up to on Saturday.


23 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14

Staying up until the sunrise

As many of you all know, this week is Homecoming week.

That phrase translated into journalism speak, reads, “Hectic chaos, no sleep week.”

As a major, we are scrambling to cover every aspect of what’s happening leading up to Homecoming, and how we can write about every group on campus.  That is a lot to account for.

Our biggest hurdle is The Oracle’s Homecoming issue that was hot of the press this morning.

As a staff member, we all gathered around our computers last night from 4:30 pm until 5:30 am. Let me reiterate that – I WAS AT TECH FOR THIRTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT.

It was a long, long night.

We managed to make some fun out of it though!

At midnight we were warned that a scheduled power outage was to occur for an hour – this put a bit of a wrench into our plans. However, we did NOT let that minor occurrence slip us up, in fact, we took it as an opportunity to reenergize. We did what every “cool” college student does on a Thursday night, we played Hide ‘n Seek throughout all four floors of the UC.

In addition to that, we consumed three pizzas, two boxes of cheesy bread, a package of Oreos and a gallon of milk. Oh – and a lot of candy.

Needless to say, by 5:30 am, the instant we heard our managing editor say, “We’re done guys!” we all packed up our bags and ran (relatively) out the door.

… and by the time I reached home, the sun was rising!

To read the newspaper visit, and too see my article, click here.

Below are pictures of where I hid in Hide ‘n Seek and us all beating the struggle to stay awake until we finished our pages:


IMG_0404 IMG_0402 IMG_0400 IMG_0399



6:30 – 6:30

This is it.

This is the time of the year where I am just tired & busy without rest.

… and on top of that I am planning my wedding that is happening in 44 days.

Every day I wake up at 6:30 am to start my day and then I walk to school. I usually stay on campus until 6:30 pm and on some days, midnight. In fact, this was my snapchat story today (as you can see below).

If anybody wants to drown me in cookies, do my homework, or tell me how I pretty I look after being awake for almost a day- I am taking offers!