I love writing. I love pictures. & I love just getting to know complete strangers.

Communication is my major with an option of Public Relations and Journalism and a focus in environmental communications. I am a first generation college student, one semester out from making my family proud! I think they are proud of me now, but come May 9th, 2015 we’ll know for sure. I mentioned that I love writing and photography, but most of all CATS. Yeah, I’m a 21 year old cat-lady who somehow managed to become married while at TTU. There’s very few of us, and to those who think it can’t be them, keep keepin’ on – there are normal guys who like cats too!

I am the President of Habitat For Humanity on campus, Opinion Editor for the school newspaper – The Oracle, a student tour guide, an intern for the admissions office, and the co-captain of the TTU Quidditch team. Any who, my goal this semester is to show you what the life of a real college student is all about. I want you to know the ups, the downs, and truth about my day-to-day. This will be a filter free version of my life and what it’s like to be a full time student here at Tech. Let’s get to know each other!



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  1. When I was studying at the university, I too developed keen interest in cats as many cats used to be present near the auditorium area. I even adopted two kittens.

  2. The article about “You know you have been at Tech too long…” I just wanted to say it is fantastic and the little comical clips with them are perfect! I am a freshmen and it was fun getting to see all the things I have missed over the years. Really appreciate you writing this!

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