World Cup VIII

In about three weeks my team is headed to the World Cup VIII for the US Quidditch tournament.

In the past it was an international tournament, where we met teams from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and many more.

However, since this sport has evolved into over 300 official teams, we are now only having a national tournament, and then the international one will be composed of the best players nationwide per country.

This is the third time we have competed for a bid at world cup, and also the third time we have gotten it.

Only the top 80 teams get to attend, so it’s a feat that we made it.

I am so proud of our team!

If you’re interested in supporting us and buying our merch, check out or campaign.

If you want to know what the heck the US Quidditch World Cup is all about, check out this promotional trailer.

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