Yesterday things got real.

I picked up the cap. I picked up the gown.

and frankly… I picked up my senioritis and haven’t given it back.

Of course the first thing I had to do was FaceTime my momma to let her know that I’m just THAT much closer to walking across the stage in the Hoop on May 9th.

I know… I’m that cool.

Though, if you’ve read my blog since the beginning, you would know that I am a first generation college student here at Tennessee Tech University, so it’s a generational accomplishment that I have made it this far.

Yes, so maybe I am a tad excited. And yes, maybe I should give back my senioritis. BUT maybe not right now.

I’m hoping to ride this train of celebration for the next fifty two days as I figure out what the big wide world has for me once I step out there.

Fifty two days of taking in every morning walk to school, watching the President’s lawn be full of laughter and sports, the ringing melodies of Derryberry hall, and everything in between. I’ll miss this place.

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