High of 75 and a chance of being sick

Today was a sunshine, birds singing kind of day.

Vitamin E was in the air, and we were all bound to catch a sunburn.

Well, of course, except for me.

Everything has been fine and dandy until a giant house fell on top of me and I could barely breathe.  Okay, a house didn’t fall on me, but I feel like it did… and it hasn’t left yet.

I was sent home from work today because I couldn’t stop sneezing, wheezing, and giving looks of exhaustion – at least I assume. I only lasted about fifteen minutes until my boss recommended I go home.


So I headed to the infirmary at Tech to figure out how I could stop using a box of tissues a day and just get better!

Lung infection. Sinus infection.

Can you say yuck?

Well, here I am three medications later, persevering on… why you ask?

Because there are 54 days left until I graduate. That’s why.



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