We felt like heroes

We felt like heroes.

I was jumping up and down flailing my arms as loud roars of, “Yes!!” came out of my lungs. We were doing it. We were even better than we thought. We had a chance.

Let me start back at the beginning:

This past weekend was our USQ Southern Regionals tournament for Quidditch. Yeah yeah, insert your laughs, because you actually don’t know how physical and difficult this sport is. On day one, we won our first game against Florida State University, and next up was Florida’s Finest. They are known to be the best team in the southern region, and they usually overall place in the top ten in the world (there are 148 official teams that compete regularly). So we were a bit nervous but we felt good about it, we really felt like we practiced enough to match up against them. We fought hard but unfortunately we lost by quite a few points. But hey – we knew that going into it.

The final score was 100* to 20 (the asterisk means they are the team who ended the game with a snitch grab of 30 points, this means that we were at 70 to 20 before the game ended).

However, day two came around. We beat our first game against a Tennessee community team who are like family to us, so it was a bit hard going through that. But then it got tricky – our next match up was against Florida’s Finest again, we were ready, we thought we could do even better this time.

The starting line up went out to the field, including myself; I am the starting female beater. We were SO ready…. And nervous.

As the game began an audience started to form in the bleachers, and over a matter of five minutes we had about one hundred spectators, and 98% of them were cheering for us. Several teams came and watched and cheered for us because they all wanted to take down FF as well, we were the underdogs.

As the game began it was a constant battle for points. We score, they score, we score, and they score again. We were tied. But then a breakthrough happened, we started scoring a couple more than them, and they didn’t tie it up. I looked at the scoreboard and gazed across the field, one of our chasers just scored another goal – barely.

We were up by a lot.

We felt like heroes.

I was jumping up and down flailing my arms as loud roars of, “Yes!!” came out of my lungs. We were doing it. We were even better than we thought. We had a chance.

We were actually ahead and winning.

With every goal the whole audience was standing up and screaming “TTU!” It was such a great moment – I will never forget it.

The game ended up fluctuating, but the crowd never lost its loyalty – we were at 90 points for FF and 70 for us, it was a close game. But FF ended the game giving them 30 points, with a final score of 120* – 70. Wow. I mean, if we had ended the game with a snitch grab we would have been at 100* us – 90 FF. We were close enough that the game could have gone either way. We weren’t even that upset when we lost; it was an accomplishment in itself. We were a match-up against FF.

As we congratulated the other team, we all walked to the sidelines, and suddenly several players from multiple teams starting congratulating us, high-fiving us, and complimenting us for our game. They couldn’t believe how well we played – and we couldn’t either. It was so rewarding.

My team is my family, and I am blessed that we all got to take in this moment – we deserved it. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. TTU is a dark horse who is so ready to go to World Cup, now that we have earned our spot there for the third year in a row.

Words can’t express how psyched we are to get out on that field and surprise another team. TTU Quidditch is back and we’re ready to win!

  • Here is a video of our second game against FF – WATCH IT (unfortunately, they started the film about 10 minutes in, missing the first few goals where we were really killing it!)
  • Here is a recap video from day two of the world cup last year, it starts with our seeker catching the snitch in one of our winning games!
  • … and that is about it!

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