13 things you didn’t know about Tennessee Tech

Tennessee Tech is a big-time University located in small-town Cookeville, and it holds more little secrets than a grade-school girl. Below is a compiled list of all things Tech that gives us a little more character than other universities:

1. Bike Share Program

Tech has a bike share program where you can rent out a bike for FREE to help you get to class on time (even though you’re never late), and to pinch a few pennies on buying a bike you don’t want to be responsible for. There are three places on campus where you can rent one out: The Fit, Dunn Hall, and New Hall North. Bikes are available to rent for faculty and students. Also, this program runs through the entire year, including summer.

Bike Share FB Page

Photo courtesy of the Bike Share Facebook page

2. TJ Farr building? or hall?

We all refer to it as TJ Farr, yet we never give it an ending – building, hall, clubhouse … etc. So what is it? Well, technically when it was first built it was called “TJ Farr hall.” However, because of Tennessee’s wonderful southern drawl, students would pronounce it “TJ Fire [Farr] Hall.” Students were mislabeling the building and confusing others so they had to rename it. Since then it’s been called, “TJ Farr building,” and as of now, it is the only “building” on campus.


Photo courtesy of WN.com

3. Free transportation in Cookeville

Not only is there free transportation on campus, but as a Tech student you also get FREE transportation around Cookeville with the bus system, as long as you have your TTU Eagle card. The gold route runs between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Signs are posted throughout campus at its stops. The bus is operated by UCHRA.

Less walking = more time watching Netflix studying.

Click here for bus routes.



Photo courtesy of Right Now at TTU

4. People used to sleep in your classroom

Kittrell hall (the geology building) and Bartoo hall (the education building) were once the original dorms on campus. The ladies lived on the West, with the men on the East of the quad. Until recently, that was the closest men and women have gotten to live near each other. However, as of 1996 (81 years later) Tech opened their first co-ed dorm.

IMG_1034 IMG_1033

Top: Bartoo Hall

Bottom: Kittrell Hall

Photo courtesy of Kimmy

5. Free “Color Run” & video game tournaments

The Tech Activities Board (TAB) helps put on several events on campus that students actually want to participate in. FINALLY, events I will roll out of bed and attend. One of the biggest events they co-host is the “Color Run,” it is co-sponsored by the Orientation and Student Success office and Tech Athletics. The “Color Run” includes running one mile while other students are dousing you with purple and gold powder paint. This event usually takes place during Week of Welcome.

Another event they will be hosting is a video game tournament. It was a success last semester, so this semester it’s coming back on February 19th from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. They will be playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U, Halo 3 on Xbox 360, Mario Kart 8, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

TTU Sports

Photo courtesy of TTU Sports

6. Dammit

Yes, I said Dammit. Not only is that a common word  heard on campus, it is also the name of an important dog who once lived on campus. Rumor has it that he lived between the East and West dorms (look at #4) on the quad, and would spend his nights taking turns between their dorm rooms. If you don’t believe me, check out the plaque made in honor of him on the quad.

TTU Alumni again

Photo courtesy of TTU Alumni


Photo courtesy of Kimmy

7. Camping? on a budget? 

Did you know you can rent out hammocks, tents, lanterns, sleeping bags, burners, and more? The TTU Fitness Center rents out camping materials and bundle packages so you and your friends can hit the great outdoors at a low – college affordable budget? Check out this link for more information regarding prices. These items will be released right before spring break.


Photo courtesy of Cumberland Mountain Outdoor Sports

8. Quidditch is a real sport 

Tech has a world-renown Quidditch team that has placed 1st and 2nd in regionals and made it to 26th place last year at the World Cup. Last year the team had over 60 members. They have past football players, track athletes, and Harry Potter enthusiasts on their team. They have beat teams like Harvard, Duke, and Arizona State University. Click here for a video from another national tournament, that shows you how Quidditch is a lot tougher than you think.


TN TECH Quidditch

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Tech Quidditch

 9. Free movies, kindles, laptops, books, charger, etc. 


Not only can you rent out books and movies for FREE at the Angelo & Jennette Volpe Library, but they actually have an entire movie selection called “leisure movies,” that includes blockbuster hits, new movies, and several TV series’ that can be rented out. Leisure items can be checked out for up to 2 weeks. Also, if there is a book or movie that they currently don’t have, you can request it online and they will purchase it if it’s not in the library already. The library also has electronic books for rental, Kindles, laptops, video cameras, tripods, phone chargers, you name it! No more Amazon prime and wasting money – hit up the library.


Photo courtesy of Tennessee Tech

10. Have a hidden talent?

The Backdoor Playhouse in Jere Whitson hosts local talent as well as campus talent at least twice a semester with an open mic night. It is usually on the first and last Thursdays of the semester. Click here for a video from open mic.


Photo courtesy of Kimmy

11. TTU has a food pantry

Located outside Foundation Hall is our campus food pantry. This pantry is available to not only TTU students, but employees as well. Pickup is between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This was created to fix the need for hunger on campus. If you are interested in more information or would like to apply, click here.

TTU Food pantry

Photo courtesy of TTU Food Pantry 

12. Tech has a food truck

Tennessee Tech has a food truck called the Birdfeeder. The truck is parked in various locations on campus and is always at our football games. Yay for not having to always walk to the UC for food, food on the go is the way to go! For the hours of the truck, click here.


Photo courtesy of Kimmy

13. There is a blizzard at Tech once a year

The “Blizzard” in The Hoop is a Tech tradition that has even been selected as ESPN’s Play of the Day. ESPN even used the video footage from the event as part of their national telecast for awhile. The legend began in 1985 where Tech students would throw their “Tech Squares” after the first basket in a home game. “Tech squares” were small toilet paper squares that were used in the building on campus, these are what made the building look like it was snowing. Next time: bring your toilet paper, put on your winter coat, and get ready to make a blizzard! Click here for a video on our tradition.


Photo courtesy of Youtube

** If there is anything on this list that you think should be added, hit me up at KeManning42@students.tntech.edu and you could be featured in my next blog post.

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