Yesterday morning I woke up with the birds singing, the sun shining, and a hunch that the Seahawks were back at it again.

Unfortunately, all of that last sentence was a lie minus the last part. The rain was pouring, the clouds were out, and that’s how I knew Seattle had a chance!

As a Washington state native, the weather of yesterday was a sure sign that God was on Seattle’s side.

My husband and I even dressed up in bright green, blue, and silver – we were dedicated and ready to win! (it’s hard to tell that I am wearing all three colors, but you can see them on Bryce pretty well… overachiever)



Any who, we spent the afternoon catching up on homework so we could waste the night away on junk food, bad food, and more food. Before we headed out, we decided to mix up a few dishes so we would be bringing the best food to our friend’s little shindig of a Super Bowl party!

Well… well… well… this is where it got a little bit tricky! As we were making the world’s best guacamole (you can trust me on this one), I cut my finger while chopping cilantro. If I could just tell you how many times I chopped up cilantro in Kenya this last summer, you would drop your jaw and continue laughing like every one else, I was a pro!

Emphasis on “was”

So as I pouted and Bryce finished the guacamole, I made cookies!

As we headed out the door twenty minutes late, we picked up our friends and made it for the party of the night- as in, we were all a group of people all equally promising to never judge how many tons of food we inhaled.

Here are a couple pictures of my friends who choose to hangout with Bryce and I even though we live and breathe cats, and quidditch!

unnamed-4 unnamed-3 unnamed-2 unnamed-1


Anyways, where was I with the Seahawks…. so the night ended sadly as we were just inches from scoring a winning touchdown that would’ve completely turned the game around. However, the Cheatriots Patriots won and stashed away their air pumps pride as they claimed victory last night.

I will forever be indifferent.

We should have won.

At least I had guacamole though.

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