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Kenyan Letters

Let me try to explain my excitement:

I jumped around in circles at least five times after I grabbed four envelopes from my mailbox. I may have looked crazy – but honestly I was.

My hearts leaps and my thoughts go crazy every time I see those rectangular kraft paper envelopes in my mailbox.

This past summer I spent six weeks in Africa (EAST Africa, not near Ebola, contrary to popular belief… aka my friends!) and five of those weeks were in the lovely country of Kenya.

Today I received four handwritten letters from my dear friends/sponsor kids.

Yeah today may have been full of classes, work, more classes, and more work but this brightened things up a bit.

Stop. Take a breath. Enjoy what’s going on around us. I hate to break it to you but life is not all about school (TTU please don’t fire me!).


IMG_0304 IMG_0312

Finishing First Place

First place. Undefeated. 

This last weekend my wonderfully tough and fearless crew CRUSHED our competition. And by competition, I mean the twelve other teams who came and attended the Gold Rush II Cup of 2014.


Our first game was against Duke University with a final score of 70* – 110. The asterisk means that they caught the snitch that ended the game, however our final score surpassed theirs so we won that match.


Afterwards we played Wilmington University and University of South Carolina in pool play – and defeated them both.


That afternoon once bracket play began, we got a bye because we were number one seed in the tournament. LET ME REPEAT: number one seed. So proud.


As bracket play started we were matched up again against University of South Carolina, though an aggressive game we ended up winning against them yet again with a final score of 120* – 70.


Our final match was against Virginia Tech, we hadn’t seen much of them throughout the day so we were not sure what to expect.


As we got ready to play on the field, we had coin tossed and got the side of the field battling the light of sunset. It was blinding. I couldn’t tell you if someone was directly in front of me because my vision was so illuminated. Though the struggle was frustrating we decided it couldn’t let it stop us, after all – we are undefeated thus far.


Throughout the game we always were up in score, but we didn’t want to completely rely on this security. About mid-way through the game one of our players gave one of VA Tech’s players a concussion (with a legal tackle. I told you Quidditch is tougher than you think. If you want to see how aggressive it can be, watch this video from a tournament this summer, just don’t listen much to the music, it’s explicit – Things were getting a little crazy.


As the game came to a finish, we ended it with a final score of 140*-20. That means we were already 110 points ahead of them before catching the snitch.


Immediately after we were all awarded individual medals and celebrated as we were announced as victors!


Currently, according to our University is ranked as the #22 best school in the nation.


This is why I love college – I get to do this.


Tech actually reimburses us for all our trip expenses making these tournaments free and letting me experience unforgettable moments such as these.


If you want to play a full-contact, Co-Ed, not for the weak-of-heart sport, then come on out and see what this is all about. We practice every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday, and we have a public Facebook page if you want any more info:



These pictures are of our whole team reppin’ our medals – in the last one we are with the second place winners, Virginia Tech!
DSC00001 Untitled

Monday Birthdays

This past Monday I turned twenty one.

I wouldn’t say Monday is a preferable day for anyone to celebrate, but that’s the way the dice was rolled. Seeing this as a small problem, I looked past it and enjoyed my day.

The sun was out, the air was cold, and I had a visitor on their way to see me. Sure, I had three hours of class, a test, and a project to work on – but this didn’t stop me.

For the first time in FOUR years I got to celebrate my  our birthday with her.

Alison, my twin.

She is always out of the country, in a different town, or gone on an extended trip when October 20th rolls around, yet this year we were lucky!

She drove all the way to Cookeville so we could enjoy a nice dinner together and a movie afterwards. That was all I needed, and my day was complete.

Yes, it was a Monday, and yes most of my day was nothing special – but one person can turn a day around – and a good cup of coffee 😉

Sometimes in college we get wrapped up with what needs to be done and testing how close we can get to a due date without even trying, and forget about just taking a break and living life. I’m getting older and I need to remember what’s important – my family, my sister, my twin.

Monday was simple – but Monday was perfect.

I’ll finish that homework eventually.


Home Away From Home

Last night I received a text from my friend Sarah saying that for lunch today she was bringing homemade spaghetti for me and our group of friends. For some one whose diet revolves around Lucky Charms and rice – this was a college kid’s DREAM.

After class all of us dashed around campus to buy ourselves a drink so we could feast on what was to come! After about ten minutes we all met up in the J-Lab. Let me pause here for a second….

Within my major (Journalism), we have a wonderful little hangout that we call home – “The J Lab.” It may sound ridiculous- but this is where we become family.  This room houses 16 computers that face each other, and then the other half is The Oracle and all the work desks and cubicles associated with that (including my desk!). The J-Lab is essentially where you can find any and every person you need within our major. In all of our free time, we gather, talk about life, talk about class, and just do life together….

Anyways… back to the story!

As we all met in the conference room connected to the J-Lab, we were pleasantly surprised. A crockpot was steaming with homemade marinara sauce, noodles were warm and ready, and we dug in faster than some one could stop us. Home cooked food was just what we needed. THEN- low and behold – there was APPLE PIE as well.

We all sat together, laughed about our normal cereal diets, about the ups and down of school and just enjoyed each others company.

As I sat there with my friends and our lovely journalism secretary, Eva. I felt at home. Sitting around a table with my family.

This is my family.

My Tennessee Tech family.

Today was a memory I don’t want to forget.

It is truly amazing the friends you will make in college, and even more so – the crazy and unforgettable stories you’ll have.

Don’t waste your 4 (or 5 or 6) years of college, go out and make the most of it. I promise you have family here at TTU.

Rainy rain rain…

Today was rainy.
Which don’t get me wrong – I love the rain. I am and forever will be a Pacific Northwest girl, however, it really put a damper (pun intended) into my plans today.

Today I had to work on my ecology assignment by exploring around Cookeville by myself to take pictures of “exotically, invasive plants.” Woo! I know you are on the verge on insane jealousy right now.

But as I was exploring in the downpour of rain, tripping on the concrete, and looking like an idiot lying on the ground to take the perfect shot of that kudzu canopy off campus – I was encouraged. Thank goodness.

WE as college students do a LOT to make our grades, to get those deserved A’s and to pass a class. It may seem normal, and you’re probably like, “Oh I totally did that same thing last week,” or – you stayed up 7 hours in the library just to pass a test.

These things are normal now. Why? Because we are hard workers.

Give it up for all the college students that are just persevering and bettering themselves. We are all in this together.

That is my little pep rant for the day. Oh and…
Today was rainy.


This is my kudzu I found…. oh yeah. This girl has got a life!IMG_0163




Thank goodness it’s Friday.

WE MADE IT! give yourself a pat on the back.

We are all one week closer to graduation.

Today my article came out in the Tech newspaper, The Oracle. It is about Ebola, and how we can involve ourselves in ending this terrible disease. For some reason my online article has a scary picture of the virus (not of my choosing!) so I attached the picture that is actually in the print edition (courtesy of Al Jazeera).

editorial 1

In other news:

Today the TTU quidditch team is heading out to our first travel tournament of the semester. This tournament is at Ball State University, so we have a seven hour drive to look forward to. I will keep you up to date about the tournament when I get back.

Have a wonderful weekend every one!