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National Coffee Day!

… of course I had to celebrate National Coffee Day! Even though every day is national coffee day to me, I still had to celebrate. So today I had coffee with a Starbucks barista on campus, beat that!

Any who, go home and brew a pot, this is your excuse to drink four cups of coffee before going to bed!


Okay… ouch.

Today was a wonderful, splendid Monday, which is a rare thing (Usually I find myself half asleep, chugging coffee, and dreading the workload of the week), but today was different.

Until, one professor changed my mind.

I had a teacher today who pointed me out in class, and tried to make me one inch tall – just to prove her point. That she is always right.

She did not go about it in kindness, and she certainly had no regard to her voice inflections, gestures, and unnecessary comments.

Teachers like that are typically avoidable, but when you’re in college, you may encounter one.

I’m writing this to tell you guys that you should not let professors get to you. Your class and  you grade may be in their hands, but you’re dignity is worth more than that. Bite your tongue, and see what you can do.

In life we meet the grumps, the debbie downers and the haters – we just have to remember that their opinion is on the extreme side. That is not you.

I will take from this encounter that I need to just move on and continue being the student I am, and to not take it to heart. We are not defined by others opinions!

Shining A Light

This past week I got to publish my SECOND editorial (Insert harmonious cheer). My topic was very deep and a sensitive one at that. However, this is an issue that is happening globally and needs difference makers to come on out and raise a voice on this concern. Please check out my article and see what you think!

Thank you for “Keeping Up,” with me!

Triangles and Chocolate Milk

This past week has been nothing short of crazy. Good crazy. But crazy.

I have been running around campus just to get everything done on time while trying to maintain a normal social life. FINALLY – I have found something that explains it all. My friend pointed out this wonderful graphic he found that illustrates the troubles of a college student, I think you may find it to be true:




I would easily say that my social life and good grades have been my top two – though for the life of me, I wish sleep was one of them.

However, having a social life on campus is a life saver: because on days where you just want to bury your head in the sand, eat half a box of Lucky Charms, and post comments about your heartless teacher on (great website!) you need people to calm you down and remind you that good grades are only 1/3 of what’s important (at least according to that triangle). Yes, I know that triangle isn’t mathematical or proven science – but it has some logic.

SO due to wonderful friends I got to enjoy two great lunches this week that reminded me of all the good that can come from just taking a break and focusing on your who is around you. I know my university wouldn’t like me saying this, even though they probably agree, but sometimes homework needs to take a break so you can keep yourself sane. What I mean is – GO AND HAVE FUN! Eat lunch with your friends, try somewhere new,  just do something that gives you a breather.

On Wednesday I went to the cafeteria (the caf) with my friend Morgan who is a graduate student at Tech. I couldn’t help but laugh at how she likes to eat there. She was sitting across from me drinking chocolate milk and sipping on loaded bake potato soup. What a very strange combination. BUT – where else on campus could you pair two such wonderful things? I love that the cafeteria has the staple foods we all want to have. AND because we are in college- we can have chocolate milk and soup and still call ourselves grownups. That’s a win.


THEN the very next day my friends, Elissa and Ben, (journalism majors also) took me to this oriental place off campus called Ocha. I definitely recommend this ma and pop joint. It was cheap, delicious, and in walking distance. Three things that make any college students ears perk up. Pictured are my two buddies pretending to eat but really posing awkwardly for a picture for me. The things they do to make me happy!



Any who, it was nice to just take time and enjoy who has been on this journey with me so far.

I hope you take the time to take a break and just do something fun, try something new – and just take a breath. After all… it’s only college.

First Editorial

Today my very first editorial column came out.

I believe I mentioned it earlier in my blog, but this year I was hired on by The Oracle (our school newspaper) as the Opinion Editor. All of last year I was an Entertainment Critic, so I knew a little bit here and there, but this column is a lot more different. Good, but different.

Please check out my column from this week – it was really personal for me to write, because it’s something I’ve been struggling with since I came back from my 6 week trek in Africa this summer.

You can view my article here

Have a wonderfully rainy Cookeville weekend, everyone!


Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine

Three times.

I have honestly gone through 3 cups of coffee today.

Why? Because some days you just have to get up at 6:00 am to get everything done. This is college’s way of preparing me for the real world.

Black v neck. Skinny jeans. Toms. – and I am out the door, walking to school to pick up Coco and I’s round of coffees to get us through the morning.

Coco is a wonderful, red-headed girl sharing an internship with me this semester to help create a webpage for TTU, and thanks to her, I’ve never had a more fun job! However, it was still morning, and even my morning-time charm was just lagging.

But once I downed that beautiful 16 oz Americano – I could have ran a full marathon while hula-hooping.

… and that’s when my day changed.

Shortly after, I aced my Newspaper & Production quiz, interviewed 24 people for my Oracle article, had time to catch up with friends, and I am about to head to The Fit to get my workout in for the day.

That my friends, is a productive college day.

You know what? I dedicate all that hard work to coffee.

Cheers to coffee for always having my back, keeping me going, and always tasting good.

Moral of the day – I am a coffee addict.

P.s. That last picture is the face I make when I have no idea what I am doing. Which is pretty much how I felt this morning (pre-coffee).


photo 1-2 photo 2-2 photo 3


Jittery, without sleep, and without reason.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had trouble sleeping the night before my first day of school. I guess my parents thought it was something I would grow out of. Yet, here I am, a senior in college – tossing and turning in my sheets.

I’m starting my fourth year at Tennessee Tech and I couldn’t feel any more accomplished. Classes have been smooth, friends have been helpful, and my activities on campus have kept me going.

Maybe my tossing and turning came from my rambunctious soul who can’t contain what’s in store. It may sound cheesy or a bit overrated, but TTU has webbed its way into my heart. Finally realizing it is my last first day of school… EVER – is a lot to take in.

This first week of school – better known as “Week Of Welcome,” is one of the best parts about the fall – besides the crisp air, caramel apple ciders from Starbucks, and autumn clothes rolling out of my closet… but we will get to those in a later blog!

Starting four days prior to the first day of school, WOW is initiated as the campus takes on a week of happy chaos and friend-making. I participated in most, with mix ‘n mingle at Dancin’ on Dixie topping the list.

I am currently the co-captain of the TTU Quidditch team, and I couldn’t proudly hold that title any higher. And the best part about getting to attend this event as a group was that our booth as well as two hundred plus others got to tell all the incoming freshman why we are important on campus. That’s… over TWO HUNDRED groups. That’s quite a lot. If anyone ever says they don’t fit in anywhere on campus, they obviously haven’t considered joining a club or group on campus – because we have one for just about everything. I mean… I play Quidditch!

Needless to say, my tossing and turning doesn’t derive from anxious fear of what’s to come, my tossing and turning comes from the possibilities churning in my head of what I can do, who I can become, and how I can leave a mark at TTU.

Jittery, without sleep, and with reason.


Dot On The Map

2,434 miles.

Raised in Vancouver, Washington and now living in Cookeville, TN.

Who would have ever thought I’d end up here? 2,434 miles away.

I’m beyond thankful that the dot on the map I ended up at was made for me. Cookeville is quite different than any other town I’ve lived in. There’s something just quaint and comfortable about the city that makes going to the local University such an easy thing to do.

Journalism is my major with an option of Public Relations and a focus in environmental communications. Mouthful, right? But it’s something I love, and the department has become a community family as we’ve spent the last couple years in classes together. That’s hands down one of the best parts about studying at Tech – the small classroom size. I’m a senior at TTU, and I’ve got to enjoy the last two years of college with my steady group of journalism majors. Our classes never exceed 25, and I have a good support system. Of course, you sometimes get annoyed with your everyday peers, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world (If you’re a journalism major reading this, disregard the last sentence and move on).

I am a first generation college student, two semesters out from making my family proud! I think they are proud of me now, but come May 9th we’ll know for sure. I love writing and photography and most of all CATS. Yeah, I’m a 21 year old cat-lady who somehow managed to become engaged at TTU. There’s very few of us, and to those who think it can’t be them, keep keepin’ on – there are guys who like cats too!

I am the President of Habitat For Humanity on campus, Opinion Editor for the school newspaper – The Oracle, a student tour guide, an intern for the admissions office, and the co-captain of the TTU Quidditch team. College has been such a great opportunity to just get out there and do what you love. Do you want to make the most of your time? Join a group or start one of your own – it’s the best way to meet people with similar interests as you.

Any who, my goal this semester is to show you what the life of a real college student is all about. I want you to know the ups, the downs, and truth about my day-to-day. This will be a filter free version of my life and what it’s like to be a full time student here at Tech.

P.S. I am the second one in on the left – this was taken last week as some of the admissions staff was reppin’ their quidditch shirts to work with me!